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Banner Fade - screen wide slideshow

 WSnext buy now Add on effect - Thank-you for help with maintaining the website and for understanding my time

Fades and centers same size images, the over flow on both ends are hidden on smaller screens
The wider the images you use the more computer screen the slideshow covers
Significantly tiny efficient slideshows that use very little code designed for screen wide banners

The borders and shadow above are only for the example ask me on the WSnext forum if you want to do something similar
Smaller versions of the images used

The images I'm using for the example are 170px X 1400px the average computer screen width is 1375px
When you use large images optimize them for download you can read more about image use in the CSS section
I optimize my image download size to be as close to 40KB as possible these avg under 32KB for example

You can place text or other images on top of these.
For a link you could place a transparent draw shape over the image and put a link on that.
Other options for links is to use the "linked" wide screen slideshow that positons left
OR use "captioned" and put links in the captions.

I'll include three images to set it up in web studio quickly
If you use your own images there is no download


The buy now link will show you how to copy/paste the add on into Web Studio
If you need any additional help feel free to ask on the WSnext forum


After the secure "Paypal" link you
will be taken to the code page

These effects are not officially part of Web Studio


Web Studio 5 - Screen width image slideshow that fades and centers - by Web Studio Next