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RSS Feed Reader with manual text scroll

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A Web Studio RSS feed reader for websites with a manual (static) text scroll
This add on will convert RSS feeds from a link into HTML for a website
The text scroll can be the size you like to fit it onto your page and you can limit the items shown
You can customize the colors with css on most feeds to match the look of your site

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary
You can enhance your website with a list of interesting items in a brief format
Your visitors can scan headlines and choose the items that interest them most.
It's a way to make your websites include more interesting information.
Most websites offer RSS feeds on just about any topic you can think of from news & weather to general information.

Two Examples of feeds with and without the scroll

You can change the size of the HTML object and limit the feed number to not have a scroll like I show you below


On most major websites and blogs you will see the RSS icon to get the link for feeds or just search for the site rss feed

The feed links will open on a new page so your site is still in your visitors browser

This feed for example is large it gets 100 items from netflix with the movie image and descriptions so it works best using the scroll

You can adjust the size of the feed by re-sizing your web studio HTML object and customize the text colors to match your page


This feed for example can get multiple items from netflix but I limited it to show only four

I made the default feed transparent so you can either use your page background or add a web studio draw shape

The neat thing about using a feed is they update themselves automatically. You could link to your blog for example and update your website.

You can set the feed to add only a text snippet so there is no image like I did here

You can set the feed to add it's own header text or add a header with web studio like I did here with "New Releases this week"

The scroll bar is automatically added for you so you can limit the feed number and make the HTML object longer so there is no scroll

Not all feeds are the same
Some feeds may not have images or have long text some like youtube below add a html table

More about Feeds, adding background colors and dates


This feed is a good example of differences note how some of the items web studio forgot to add a description

Not all feeds are the same. Youtube is one of the few that adds a table but this is set up so it will handle most feeds for you.

You can set the feed to add a date like this example which is handy for news

You can set the feed to add a background color for each item like this example

This feed is web studios help videos and I linked it to the webstudiotv channel. You can search the internet for specific link feed tricks. I'll show you the youtube channel link.

There is a download for this add on

The buy now link will show you how to copy/paste the add on into Web Studio
If you need any additional help feel free to ask on the WSnext forum


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Web Studio 5 - RSS feed reader with manual text scroll and customizable look - by Web Studio Next