Web Studio Next Custom Coding


Web Studio Next Custom Coding

These effects are not officially part of Web Studio

A minor coding change
Sometimes you may want to see if I can make an effect look or act a bit different if it's a
minor change then you can just donate something to cover my time $10-$25 or so,
I probably won't ask so I'll leave it up to you.

A major change
If it's going to take a fair amount of time re-coding a major change to an existing effect 
it's $45 for WS users $60 non-users, I'll let you know ahead if I think it would be more.

 I code an effect for you
Most I can do in a day or so depending on what it is, I'll let you know up front
what I think it would be and if I can do it in Web Studio.

This secure paypal link will take any amount.

Help with the Add On Effects

For help with using Web Studio that is still best to ask on the web studio forum

I expect some of you might have a question about an effect here and there. 
On the help page you'll see some common questions in troubleshooting, that might be the fastest.

You can also ask me questions on the WSnext forum for help with an
add-on effect or with css and html in Web Studio. I'll also be adding some custom stuff for some of the effects and tutorials there as well.

Help and when to make a donation?

 The tutorials
If you find a tutorial useful and use it on your site please help out,
they are quite a bit of work and it goes to keeping this website online.