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Footer - slide up

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A footer is the section at the bottom of a website page
This add on hides the footer then slides it up when a button is clicked
Ideal when you have additional information that your visitor can access when they need

An example is the footer button at the bottom right of this page

Those of you that use the website as MOBILE pages
In the early versions of iOS (iPhone & iPad up to v4) there was a bug for fixed position
That issue has long since been repaired but older iPhones may still have that bug

The Footer using an iFrame

An iFrame (inline frame) is an HTML doucument embeded inside another HTML document
In Web Studio an HTML document is a single page, so we can load a page into another page
Since we are using two pages in Web Studio you preview the entire site to see the iFrame content

Because the iframe is using another page you have to preview the entire site to see it so
press F5 or on the Home tab in Preview select Website

You can still just preview one page at a time while you are working on your site
a box that says can't load page will be shown in the same place instead of your footer

Preview the entire site to see the footer

This option uses a web studio page and loads that into the footer
change anything on that page upload it and it changes across the entire site,
so it's great for keeping the site up to date and you use web studio like you always do.

This is an example of using the screen wide tutorial in the footer slide-up
click on the footer button to open it, then the link below to change it

To do this you just put the screen wide image tutorial
on your web studio "footer" page it's that easy

The Footer using a wide screen image

There is no download for this add on

The buy now link will show you how to copy/paste the add on into Web Studio
If you need any additional help feel free to ask on the WSnext forum


After the secure "Paypal" link you
will be taken to the code page

These effects are not officially part of Web Studio


Web Studio 5 - Footer that slides up - by Web Studio Next