Web Studio Next Lightbox Gallery Effect

This add-on will require you to be able to make your own images.
You will need to make a thumbnail and a larger image for each pop-up
Each requires it's own HTML Object but you can copy/paste after doing one
then change the links as shown and attach the images.

The images will automatically fit into the browsers window
You can use the mousewheel or arrows to cycle through the images.
The images are linked together for galleries
The background fades as the large image come into focus
An elastic effect as the images grow larger
Captions and titles for each image for search engine optimization
100% control of the look and quality of the images and their names
Unlike flash these are supported in smartphones & ipads
Unlike flash these will be seen by search engines
Fast loading - only the thumbnails load until the larger image is called

If this is your first Add-on refer to the instruction page.


After the secure "Paypal" link you will be taken to the code page

These effects are not officially part of Web Studio
If you have questions use the web studio forum

Web Studio Next

If you are new to Web Studio I suggest using the
Thumbnail Converter
It is the same effect and uses the built in thumbnails
That add on is less work but also less control over the images