Web Studio - Tutorials & Add On Effects

Tutorials on working with Scripts, HTML & CSS in Web Studio

---- Picture & Gallery effects ----

The images slide over to reveal text

Lightbox effect for images linked together
for galleries, images size to the screen
same as above but you control the images

Makes small images fill the entire screen
for backgrounds

Hover over the image to reveal a caption.

Questions & Discussions
Even more tutorials and tips.

Looking for something this may help?
What is on WSnext by Alphabet search

How you use web studio with the add on's

Uses youtube or vimeo videos

These are not affiliated with Back to the Beach
They do require you to know how to use web studio. A basic knowledge
of HTML will help if you want to further customize them.

The footer slide like on this site
Two versions HTML or a Web Studio Page

Web Studio - Web Studio Next Add on Effects - Web Studio 5

Custom coding the effects and website help

A vertical accordion

Uses shockwave flash videos (swf)
That's the type web studio uses for it's effects

Uses a part of a page you make with web studio

Uses an external website page
or entire web studio page

How to put RSS on your site

How to put RSS on your site

Uses a hidden division you code on your page

about next

about next

New and existing effects adapted to work in Web Studio



---- Web Studio help & site links ----

text & misc.

text & misc.

----- Text, RSS & slide panels -----





Scripts Html & Css

Scripts Html & Css

 ALL Slideshows are now linked from the new home page

------------ Pop Up Windows ------------

"Lightbox" pop up windows that
center and darken the background

How to make a banner fit larger screens

A horizontal accordion

Click on a thumbnail an image fades in

All effects use the Jquery Library and are under MIT and GPL licenses

These effects are not officially part of Web Studio
If you have questions see the custom coding page

Converts the built in thumbnails to have a Lightbox effect for pop up images which link together for galleries, have captions and
will center the large image to the screen.

Change an image on mouse over

Converts the built in thumbnails to have a Lightbox effect for pop up images the same as above but this one also previews the image

Tooltips that scroll down that you can turn off

Tooltips that fade in on anything with a title

My suggestions for starting out

If you are new to web studio and want to get your first site on the internet quickly

SLIDESHOW - The SIMPLE SLIDESHOW can be set up in minutes and you can always upgrade later.
DIVTOGGLE - Is an ADD ON for a ton of cool hover effects using Web Studio group.
THUMBNAIL CONVERTER - Updates the built in thumbnail maker with captions and a lightbox pop up effect
TUTORIALS - Basic seo, google verification and headings they show how to set up web studio.

If you know web studio basics and are comfortable with where everything is done

SLIDESHOW - The NEXT FADE SERIES most can be put together how you like, and you host these.
EASY SERIES can be done without attachments and with V8 you can put those controls anywhere.
GALLERY - The thumbnail converter for captions and lightbox pop ups is good but for more control over the images use the "image gallery" it is a little more work though.
TUTORIALS - Look through all the tutorials, there are some neat things you can do by adding a little code.

You know web studio and even a little html

Only a matter of finding which ones you like best everything will be pretty easy for you.

A way to sequence through info using group, great for a lot of content in a small space

Fades in a linked image on mouse over

Fades in where you want and has speed contol

Hover effects all done in WS using GROUP

What I think are the best effects and tutorials

Links to information, tutorials, news, tips & help for web studio 4.0 and 5.0

There was a recent problem
with the old getting mixed up with new
so I removed them all