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If this is your first Add-on refer to the instruction page.

This add-on will require you to be able to make your own images,
paste in the HTML, attach your pictures & add links.

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These effects are not officially part of Web Studio
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This uses FancyBox version 1.3.1 but I changed it fairly extensively so it works in Web Studio
Special thank-you to Janis Skarnelis that put it together originally
The $5 here is just to cover the cost of this website and the tutorial

Pop up division from the web studio page
This "lightbox" effect uses a division you make with coding in an HTML Object. So that means you can make anything you want to fit into the window size you decide on. This is done with a hidden division so this method is search engine friendly as well.

The Pop Up Page, click on an image or link below for example
The division pops up and will center to the page it's on, like the examples below.
Since this uses a division on the page you can use Preview Page to see these
work inside web studio, but you do need to know basic html to code the content.

A hidden division will pop up from either the image or the text link above
or for more information about the locomotive and rail line below

Rio Grande the "Main line through the Rockies"
The Denver & Rio Grande Railroad often shortened to Rio Grande The railroad started as a narrow gauge line running south from Denver in 1870 and served mainly as a transcontinental bridge line between Denver, and Salt Lake City. The highest mainline rail line in the U.S., over the 10,240 feet (3,120 m) Tennessee Pass in Colorado. This Locomotive is the "first generation" F9 diesel from the Rio Grande Zephyr - Denver to Salt Lake City, now retired.

Railroad Wars
In 1878, the Santa Fe Railway and the smaller Rio Grande were competing to put the first line through Raton Pass. Both railroads had extended lines into Trinidad, Colorado and the pass was the only access to continue on to New Mexico. Santa Fe hired a number of local gunfighters in February, 1878. Faced with this threat, and running out of money, the Rio Grande was forced to cede the pass. The next year a silver strike in Leadville brought the struggle back to life. Rio Grande had hired its own gunfighters so the Santa Fe decided to strengthen its forces. On March 20, 1879 the railroad hired Bat Masterson to put together a group of gunmen included such famous fighters as Doc Holliday, Ben Thompson, Dave Rudabaugh and Mysterious Dave Mather as well as about seventy other fighters. This impressive force had great success through early June of that year, but on June 10 the Fourth Judicial Circuit ruled in favor of the Denver and Rio Grande, changing matters entirely. With the assistance of the sheriffs in the counties through which the railroads passed, the Rio Grande mounted an attack on its rival's forces. There was heavy fighting at the Santa Fe's garrisons in Colorado. The garrisons in Denver and Colorado Springs fell quickly. Masterson's headquarters in Pueblo held out the longest, but later they also conceded defeat.