Pop up converter for web studio thumbnails

If you are not familiar with web studio refer to the instruction page

What the pop ups will do

Put the code on the page or in the master, type your caption and
this converts the built in thumbnails into lightbox style pop ups.

This re-writes the built in code so you use web studio just like you always do.
It'll even convert existing thumbnails!

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If this is your first Add-on refer to the instruction page.

This add-on will require you to be able to paste in the code,
and attach the images.

After the secure "Paypal" link you will be taken to the code page


These effects are not officially part of Web Studio
If you have questions see the custom coding page

Built in thumbnail converter

Like the examples above, you add your thumbnails and put in your captions
It will center the pop up windows and re-size them if needed to fit your page
It groups all the images so you can use the arrows to navigate through them
It darkens the background so they stand out and uses
an easing effect as the window opens and closes

Custom coding

I can also custom code these for you
change the opacity & color for the background behind the pops up
change the font type and color or the frame colors and it's size
change the captions to be inside the image with an opaque overlay, put them above or
below inside a image frame

see the custom coding page

An Example for a Design Idea

Above I used the shadow tutorial for the thumbnails or
you could do something like this where I combined the Thumbnail Converter
with the Simple Slideshow by grouping the thumbnails together
Thumbnails with the Simple Slideshow example