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If this is your first Add-on refer to the instruction page.

This add-on will require you to be able to make your own images,
paste in the HTML, attach your pictures & add links.

After the secure "Paypal" link you will be taken to the code page


These effects are not officially part of Web Studio
If you have questions see the custom coding page

Web Studio Next

The Web Studio Page that pops into the window
The web studio page you use to pop into the window uses a background you make with a "shape" in Draw and it's the same size as the window.
You put everything on top of that shape just like you do with all your webstudio pages so it's pretty easy to use.
The pop up will automatically center for you as shown in the examples above.

Pop up web studio page
This "lightbox" effect uses a page you make in web studio, so you won't need to do any HTML coding. You just make your page in web studio to fit into the window. This is done with an iFrame so search engines consider these a seperate page.

These will require you to use "preview website" to see them work inside web studio.

Example from an image

You use a web studio
"Draw" shape for
the pop up's

This uses FancyBox version 1.3.1 but I changed it fairly extensively so it works in Web Studio
Special thank-you to Janis Skarnelis that put it together originally
The $5 here is just to cover the cost of this website and the tutorial