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CSS image shadows with MS filters

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CSS in Web Studio 5 - image shadows with IE filters - by Web Studio Next

IMAGE SHADOWS WITH MS FILTERS - The examples are below. These use the css box-shadow and I added
MS filters that the older IE browsers use. Normal modern browsers will use the better looking css shadows. 
IE will phase out filters with IE10 but the older IE8 and under browsers will use the MS filters.

You put your image on the page like you always do, select the shadow you want to use from the examples below then...

Copy/paste the class to "Inside Div" like this

Select your image and on the
HTML tab in "Insert Object HTML"
copy/paste the class in
"Inside DIV"

In "Insert Page HTML" Copy/Paste
the code in the

Copy/paste the code to "Inside HEAD" like this

Preview to see it working

No shadow