The "must have" stuff on WSnext

These are the things I think you shouldn't miss out on.
A non flash based slideshow is number one (click on the slideshow tab for those).

Thumbnail Converter

Web Studio has a great tool in the CREATE tab PHOTO group called thumbnails.
So I made it just a little bit better by converting that into a "lightbox" effect, fixed the captions and you can still use it like you always did.
The neat part is once installed it will convert all the thumbnails you already made.


This add-on uses Web Studio GROUP in the CREATE tab.
I like this one because it's a ton of effects rolled into one, just add imagination.
Plus it's easy to use, group anything on the page name the ID "BAM" cool effect.

Scroll to the Top

When you have those long pages it's nice to have them scroll back up.
It's a tutorial so you can try it out before you donate too.
I do suggest changing the up arrow image though to match your page.

Basic SEO

A good read I think to get started with WS as well as search engine optimizing.
This one is a tutorial too, check it out to see if there anything you can use.
No sense in having a site if no one can find it right?

Link Styling

I use css link styles on every website, personally I think it's a must read.
If you take the tutorial step by step it opens up endless possibilities.
Looks difficult but it's not that hard to do plus then you can use online styles.
I always use the "link box" for menus the built in is way to much code for these.


Almost every website has a slideshow introduction and Flash based slideshows like the ones in Web Studio can't be seen on most smartphones or be read by search engines.
Well at least without a hassle... so here are a few options.

Simple Slideshow Series

I made this series just for Web Studio, it's a tiny script and easy to use.
You GROUP a few images basically and that's all there is to it.
The neat thing in Web Studio you can put a DRAW shape behind it and if you
use two and put text on top or other images and still be running in a minute or two.
You can even use Web Studio to put a link on an image before you group them.
My favorite in this series is still the Simple Basic Slideshow

Easy Slideshow Series

I call these the Easy Slideshows since you only need to put some code in the HEAD
and group the images for most. There is no download, all of it resides online.
I made some script so it reads the images you GROUP so it's pretty "easy" to set up.
I can customize these so you host them and combine elements to do a lot.
So be sure to ask if I didn't make the one you would want.
My favorite is the Animated Bar Slideshow I like to see how long the image shows.

Nextfade Slideshow Series

These slideshows you host and use a fade effect, but a lot of options.
Like the thumbfade ones where I show you how to customize them.
My favorite in this series is the Numberfade Slideshow

Adapted Slideshow Series

I started with these so I should get around to finding some more, and replacing some.
But there are some interesting ones you may like.
My favorite is the latest one WSscroll Slideshow but no one has requested it.

Designer Effects

There are a lot of tutorials and some pretty cool effects that can take your website that "next" step. Here are some of the ones I use often that are my favorites. Just ask on the WSnext forum if you have any questions on using these.

Screen Wide Banners

A tutorial on how to make banners that will be as wide as the screen,
with an image you can center or align left.
You can also use them like I did here with colors or tiled backgrounds.

Full Background

An Add On that will make a small image fill the screen like I did for this page
only with one image, (I'll make an add on for this full background slideshow soon).

Pop Up Website

Most websites refer to another page, or another site on the net.
With this Add On you don't loose your visitor it makes the link open in a "lightbox" (modal) window, like the links on this page.

Fancy Fonts

Typography is important to design what if you don't want to use an image for SEO?
This tutorial shows you how you can use Google Fonts instead of the
boring "websafe" fonts. Like I show you in this example

Tool Tips 2

Tool Tips can add to good design when used properly, like extra info or nav help.
This Add On shows you how to place tool tips using a class.
Ask me on the WSnext forum I'll make these look just like you need for your site.


All well designed websites use a footer for info and quick navigation.
This Tutorial shows you how to use what's called an iFrame for a footer.
That means you can have 20 pages and make a change in one place for all.
The good part is I made it a tutorial so you can try it out before you donate.

Fixed Objects

I use this on every site I make, there is always something I want to stand out.
This Tutorial shows you how to make objects stay in place on your page.
Everything from that social link to banners... even mix it up for neat effects.
Most are very easy but if you want to take it up a notch like some of the examples?
Ask on the WSnext forum and I'll work with you.

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