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The Tutorial for doing a full width footer in an Iframe
in Web Studio 5 is here on the WSnext Forum

San Franciso Facts You Need to Know

This is just some page filler for this example using the DivToggle Add On for the images.

It is illegal in San Francisco to walk your elephant, unless he's on a leash
or pile your horse manure over 6ft high on the street corner

San Francisco was originally called Yerba Buena
Spanish for "good herb" or "good grass"

The City burned to the ground 6 times before we were obliterated by
the 1906 earthquake, along with another massive fire

There is a reason SF is known for our snazzy good looks. It is illegal
for persons classified as "ugly" to walk down any street

The Navy wanted the Golden Gate Bridge originally painted
with yellow & black stripes

Denim jeans were invented here for the 49ers gold rush and in
1850 over 600 ships were abandoned in the bay

Star Trek's Fleet Headquarters is located just north of the
Golden Gate Bridge, in case you have intergalactic biz

San Franciso Facts You Need to Know

Web Studio Full width Footer

The main idea here is to make a footer that will be the same on all the pages we can update easily.
We'll use one web studio page and load that into an iFrame on all of our other pages.
That way when you update the one footer page all the footers for entire website will change.
Since it is a seperate page you preview the entire website when you want to see it inside web studio.
Also this footer will be the full width of a vistors screen so if you use an image make it wide enough.